The Dawn of Nerd: HP Looks Back at the Calculator, Gets Pantsed

Ask any accountant or rocket scientist — HP makes some of the best calculators on the block. TI might have the graphing market sewn up — I had a weird friend who made a basketball game on his TI-81 (you typed in the angle of the shot and hit or missed the basket. Dude was a genius) — but when it comes to spelling 5318008 or rocking amortization rates, you come strapped with HP or you don’t come at all.

HP has announced a crazy contest involving videos like the one shown above and a trip down memory lane with HP’s fancyboy calcs. The best thing? You can download an HP screensaver or a pimpin desktop wallpaper to make your accounting workstation look so hot that even the marketing team might talk to you (Warning: Results may vary).

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