The iPhone Made People Switch To AT&T

One of the biggest concerns from other carriers regarding the iPhone was that customers would be jumping ship to go with AT&T. Sure, maybe a handful of iPhone buyers would switch, but how big of an impact could it possible make? Try a huge one. Turns out that 25 percent of iPhone buyers switched to AT&T from another carrier according to reports from American Technology Research.

Even with the associated cancellation fees and pain in the ass of switching from one carrier to another, consumers still wanted their iPhone and were willing to do anything for it. ATR goes on to say that Vodafone is still leading the European bidding war for the iPhone due to its large subscriber base. Looks like that strength really does come in numbers and the iPhone is proof. Let’s see if the madness picks back up come the launch of the (hopefully 3G) iPhone in Europe.

About 25 percent of iPhone buyers are ‘switchers’ to AT&T – firm [AppleInsider]