Welcome to the Sunday edition of Teh Be$T Kommenter Evar — where words fly fast and furious to form sometimes-complete sentences, served up for you in all their unedited glory. Let’s keep with the poor grammar and spelling theme and jump right into it with sam, who says…

“Needless to say, Pima got is act together and now shows up to class 5 minutes early. Never mess with your CS teacher. Ever.”

C’mon guys, do you spell check here or what?

Interesting read.

A critique followed by a compliment. Well played, sam. Well played indeed.

My personal favorite comment comes from my main man, Chuck, who brings an unbelievably wonderful idea to the table…

Can we all just pitch in an buy Steve some different clothes.

Maybe that’s Apple’s next big product. His clothes are due for an upgrade, that’s for sure.

And finally we end the day with Johnal, who says…

Geeze…that was like a power point presentation put on by Window’s Narrator.

…in reference to the weird-ass presentation on Q-Bean’s weird-ass website.

Thanks for the comments — keep ’em coming!