Analysts See Further PS3 Price Drop Early Next Year


It’s barely been a week since Sony capitulated to gamers’ demands and market realities by dropping the price of the PS3 by $100. Two updates to the situation: one, like Vince noted last week, the 60GB won’t be staying around past the summer but its price will live on. Yes, industry analysts—who are never wrong—are now predicting that the 80GB PS3 will come down in price to the $499 mark once all the 60GBs are gone. And if that’s not enough to elicit a “golly gee!” response from you, consider this: two, we could see a further price drop to $399 by early next year.

Man, in just a few months I’ll no longer need to take out a loan to enjoy Madden Go Senile.

Analyst predicts price drop once 60GB model sells out []