Canadians Can Help You Upgrade To Vista, Eh

yto.jpgDespite what others might say, over the weekend I broke down and upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. I hit a couple driver-related snags, but was able to recover no problem. However, while I’ve been testing systems for months now with the OS on it and I know my way around Vista, I was dreading the upgrade. That got me thinking: What would my dad do (who’s pretty tech savvy, but a tad short on patience) or some completely normal non-tech-savvy person who’s heard about all the Vista beauty, but is afraid of the cost and possible inconvenience the upgrade might cause? You could always drag it into a CompUSA or let the chuckleheads at Best Buy do it while they steal your amateur pr0n and music. Or you can let take over your system remotely and watch their every move.

The Canadian-based company offers all kinds of tech support options, but for $139.99 they’ll take over your PC and determine its Vista compatibility, figure out your backup requirements, start and verify the backup, format the hard drive and install Vista, verify the install, and finally get to restoring your stuff. You’ll have to supply your own copy of Vista, of course. Not a bad way to go if you’re not the DIY type.