DisplayLink + LG, Sending Video Signals Over USB Like It's Going Out of Style


Sending video monitor signals over USB? No, you’re not dreaming an unattainable dream, but looking at pics of the first monitor here in the U.S. that works over a USB cable. Powered by DisplayLink’s DL-160 chip, the Vista-certified LG L206WU works by connecting to any PC’s USB port. System side software sends the video to the display where the DisplayLink chip does all the processing. A Mac version is said to be in the works.

I saw this little number displayed a few days ago and it does work as advertised. All of Vista’s Aero effects work over the USB, so you’re not sacrificing eye candy (nor resolutuion—up to 1680×1050) with the move. Playing video games using the setup isn’t recommended, but there’s nothing stopping you from running Office or Thunderbird or whatever on the LG monitor. It looked to be a painless and straightforward way to add an additional monitor to your setup. No price yet, chicos.