Free Treo 680 vs. Buying an iPhone: Which Is Cheaper?

PalmAddicts has created a comparison of cost between a free Treo 680 and an iPhone on the AT&T network. To be frank, the results of the comparison shocked me and they may shock you. Not the outcome I was looking for.

Someone might argue that the iPhone’s battery may need to be replaced by then, which is true, but then again I’ve gone through several different Treos over the past 4 years because their either broke or wore out. So for the purposes of this discussion let’s not factor in hardware wearing out. By the time the iPhone battery needs to be replaced, there may be other alternatives, as there are today for iPod batteries which wear out.

Read on for the surprising money shot.

Which is more expensive: a free Treo 680 or an iPhone? [PalmAddict]