Hand Gestures Eliminate TV Remote Control


Australian engineers Dr. Prashan Premaratne and Quang Nguyen have created a controller with a built-in camera that recognizes simple hand gestures to turn the TV on or off and to change channels. It can also be used with eight different ‘gadgets’ around your home or wherever it is you choose to use it with (your children, perhaps). The two Aussies hope to have their wonderbox on the market within three years. Fatties rejoice!

Seriously, though, is it any wonder why people are getting fat around the world when you see gadgets like this popping up? The TV alone has become the downfall of this country. I can’t really blame television because game consoles have really been the main issue, but you understand what I’m talking about. As a child you couldn’t walk through a neighborhood without seeing other kids participating in activities that required them to be outside. Nowadays the streets where I grew up are like ghost towns, you only need to add the tumbleweeds. But alas it is what it is.

Wave the TV remote control goodbye and change channel with a thumbs-up [Daily Mail]