Soylent Green is People, iPod OS is OS X!

UPDATE – The story is also totally fake.

If it’s early in the morning for you right now and you haven’t had your coffee, feel free to skip this story. Basically, it says that OS X, in the form of the Mach kernel, has been inside the iPod all along — except for a brief period when it was the Pixo OS — and that… ZZZZZZ… huh?

Oh, yeah. Um. Anyway, they’re positing that because the iPod has such a weak processor, Apple was basically stuck implementing third party solutions over its standard, cross-compatible kernel. However, with the rise of the iPhone they’ve finally been able to fit OS X into a tiny package along with the Quartz presentation layer, the software that makes OS X, Apple TV, and the iPhone so purdy. Do you care? Well, sure. It shows that by using BSD Apple has essentially done an end-run around the “write once, run anywhere” crowd of Sun and Microsoft. Unlike WinCE and all of its related OSes, the OS X core appears in each device which means, in the grand, overarching sense, each device is the same. Hey, I warned you this would be boring.

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