Unreal Tournament III Is Hot For PS3


Sony sure is doing its best to make me eat my words lately. Announced at E3 was the exclusive rights Sony has on Unreal Tournament III until 2008. Microsoft can’t make any claims to the game until then and that’s big shock. It gets even more tantalizing because you’ll be able to run user-generated content from the PC version on the PS3 like maps, skins and other mods. It could just be luck or a master plan that Sony has been working on since the dawn of time. The PS3 is an ‘open-source platform’ and that means free content that Sony would otherwise like gamers to pay for, but at least it’s piquing the interest of people, again. Whatcha gonna do, Microsoft?

PS3 Unreal Tournament to feature unlimited map, mod, and skin downloads from PC editor [Ars Technica]