Vista Still Sucks, Pirillo Pissed

It’s been six months since Chris Pirillo installed Windows Vista. Six months of hell. Chris is like a lot of us who got initially excited about Vista, only to find that half of our software and hardware didn’t work with it. In Pirillo’s case, it was a fax/printer combo machine that he used for everyday work. After months of struggle and even using VMWare at one point, he decided he’d had enough. He switched back to Windows XP.

The move is a wise one, considering how flawed and broken Vista truly is. A lot of Windows users have switched back to XP, including a slew of iPod owners who were taken aghast when they discovered that iTunes didn’t work on Vista for months. Now that the OS has been out for over half a year, it’s time to get things rolling Microsoft. Let’s see some real patches and service packs with fixes that’ll make Vista feel more like XP.

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