War over Airwaves: AT&T Vs. FCC and Google

FCC.jpgToday the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that an all-out war could break out between some of the largest telecommunications companies and biggest technology brands over the mobile Internet. And the battleground could become the airwaves that are currently used to broadcast UHF television channels.

So why is this suddenly happening? Well, if you’ve been following what’s happening with digital television, the UHF spectrum will essentially go away (at least as far as a TV is concerned) when the switch over to HDTV happens in just 18 months. It seems that AT&T and Verizon have plans for this spectrum that don’t mesh with those of Silicon Valley companies, including Google, eBay and Frontline Wireless.

This could be one worth watching. I know I’ll be watching!

FCC idea sets off firestorm over access to mobile Net [San Jose Mercury News]