Xbox 360 Design That Didn't Make It, Seen for the First Time


As Vince pointed out, the Xbox 360 is nearly two years old. That does not, however, negate my interest in looking at unreleased, official prototypes designed by the same team that designed the system proper. Like the GameCube before it, this rejected prototype has a snazzy handle, which would have made transporting to and fro’ all the more easy. (Did people actually lug their GameCube around? If they did, they should be called out on being total nerds.) It also has a weird, radioactive-looking X on it. It’s very Degeneration X-esque. That’s right, CrunchGear for all your mid to late 1990s pro wrestling references.

The team behind it has a bunch of other designs on its crazy Web site that might interest you. I liked the grass thing. I’m also a simpleton.

New Pictures of Xbox360 Design Prototypes Surface [Xbox-Scene]