Apple Expected To Beat Q3 Estimates

Goldman Sachs analysts are predicting that Apple’s third-quarter sales will beat expectations thanks to the success of the iPhone. Thanks to the success of the uber-popular phone and the increasing popularity of Macs, Apple is on its way to make more than $5.3 billion for the quarter mdash; now that’s a lot of money.

According to the Sach, Apple shipped out 550,000 iPhones the first day, which could end speculation floating around the web that Jobs & Co. sold over 750,000 units the day of launch. With the Apple Store currently down, a new iPod could possibly be on the way. This could be a major boost for iPod sales, which Goldman Sachs says will slow down for a bit right before a new iPod launches in the fall. Either way, Apple is on a roll and is set to make some record cash in 2007.

Apple Expected To Beat Q3 Estimates [Seeking Alpha]