Send Your Photos in for Processing… from your Phone!

exclaim1.jpgIn the old days you’d drop off that roll of film at the drugstore, or PhotoMat, for developing. Today you can still have your photos processed, but the difference is that you’ll just simply send them via your mobile phone. Pictavision Teleprints is a new camera phone tool from Exclaim Wireless that allows users to send pictures taken with a digital camera phone directly to any of the 5,600 Walgreens stores nationwide for one-hour printing. These photos can then be picked up or even mailed out to any address.

The prints are high-quality, depending on the resolution of the camera of course, but this could just about one of the simplest methods for printing photos from a phone.

We’re even curious if this would allow users to snap away on vacation or at school and then have the photos sent to a Walgreens near a parent’s or grandparent’s house. If so this could really be something for those who like to share photos!

Exclaim Wireless