Someone Took the Cranky Pill This Morning: Maddox On the iPhone

Those of you in an office: be glad I cropped this picture.

Because our faces are all up Apple’s warm places, we rarely step back and examine competing viewpoints. For example, famous blogger Maddox thinks anyone who likes the iPhone is a huge moron and he believes the Nokia E70, with its flip out keyboard and hot appz, is the best thing since agape love.

His article begins:

First of all, the E70 has a full keyboard, not some shitty stripped down, tap-and-pray smudgy piece of shit. Nokia uses a technology that’s even more advanced than the iPhone’s tap screen, allowing you to actually feel the keys you press as you’re pressing them! The technology is called “tactile response,” and it allows you to do things like dial a phone number without staring at your screen like a shit-chucking ape. In fact, every other cellphone ever made has this technology, sometimes called “buttons.”

And ends by insulting your mother. A must read!

The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. [TheBestPageintheUniverse]