Uvex Uses Magic To Keep You Safe On The Slopes

UVEX has been in the goggle game since the 50s when they pioneered UV protection in goggle lenses and today is no different. The Univision Magic implores LCD technology to eliminate the need to carry around two different sets of goggles when you’re hitting slopes. The Magic features a VALiD lens that was originally developed for the US Air Force by AlphaMicron. If you find yourself in a lowlight situation then the light lens does the job, but if the sun suddenly blinds you as make your way around the bend then simply hit the switch and the light lens instantly tints dark when the liquid crystals sandwiched between the double lens is jolted with a little juice from the on-board electronics. A single AAA battery is good for over 200 hours of use and that should definitely last you more than a season. I saw these at the SIA show last week and they’re pretty sweet. The Univision Magic ships in September for $230.

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