Crunch it Over: Can Camphone Pics Equal Digital Theft?


So here’s the debate: Now that cameraphones are quite literally everywhere, is it OK for people to use them as they see fit? In Japan, merchants are banding together to try and ban “digital shoplifting,” the act of using a camphone to snap a shot of content from a magazine or book. The offenders are apparently those who browse fashion magazines and take photos of hairstyles or clothes they like without ever actually purchasing the magazine. The booksellers are claiming such behavior cuts into profits, but does it?

Strip joints have banned the use of cameraphones for a few years now here in the states, for obvious reasons. This, though, is surely a victimless crime. Truth be told, it’s not something I’ve ever thought of doing myself, but it’s not a bad idea. Thanks, BBC!

Japan’s ‘digital shoplifting’ plague [BBC News]