I-O Data Slim DVD Burner Announced

Sometimes having an external DVD burner is a great idea. I mean think about it. What if that hot chick from math class comes over and she want’s a copy of American Pie 2 burned for her? You’d use your internal burner, except you cheaped out configuring your laptop and bought the combo drive. Bummer! What do you do?

You fish out the lunch money you’ve saved up over the past few months and buy the new I-O Data Multi DVD Burner, the DVRP-UN8LX. It burns all DVD formats in 8x as well as 4x dual-layer and CD-Rs (in case she wants that Lil’ Wayne CD you just downloaded). LabelFlash will make the DVD look purty, while USB 2.0 ensures the burn finishes by the time you get her bra strap off so she can leave. You’ll be able to get the DVRP-UN8LX in August for around $170.

New Slim Multi DVD Burner and it’s from I-O DATA [Akihabara News]