Pioneer Kuro HDTVs Only Do 720p


Wow. Pioneer is trying a little too hard to advertise its Kuro line of HDTVs. Pioneer’s plasmas are usually fine, so its “look how great they are!” is a little troubling. The Kuro line is split in two: the Kuro and the Elite Kuro. Both are available in 42-, 50- and 60-inch models, but none of them are 1080p. Hmmm… Strange, considering it’s 2007. Both models have the usual suspects like HDMI 1.3, but Pioneer is really pumping the hell out of how black their blacks are. We get: more black equals more gooder.

Maybe someone should tell Pioneer that no matter how many bleeding advertising firms it hires (that eye is creepy not cool, guys), it’s gonna have a hard time selling 720p sets to our technology-rabid readership. It’s like trying to sell us a solar powered flashlight. 1080p or bust.

Kuro [Pioneer]