Secure Your iPhone's Traffic Lest Hackerz Steal Your Info


Everyone who’s cool already has an iPhone*, but there’s the minor problem of having all your data floating in the air just waiting for script kiddies to sniff. (I used to cruise for passwords on campus. They’re lucky I was just doing it because I could and not to sell the info to some Third World maniac.) Macworld has put together a comprehensive list do’s and don’ts for all your iPhone security needs. All of this stems from the phone’s built-in Wi-Fi: it doesn’t care if the connection is secured or not, so it hops right on all willy nilly, putting you and your sensitive information in jeopardy.

The long and short of it is, you need to outfit the iPhone with as much security software and use as many secured protocols as possible. Common sense, you’d think, but not everyone who bought an iPhone can program their own script to scour the Net looking for backdoors. Go ahead, rock a VPN; always insist upon domains with SSL; use encrypted proxies based in Holland. If you don’t, you may find that all your info will end up Craigslist.

*Owning an iPhone doesn’t make you cool

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