Teenager Buys PS2, Gets Lotsa Cash

eBay can be an interesting place. You never quite know what you’ll end up getting when placing a bid. This is the case of one British teen who bought a Playstation 2 off eBay, only to receive a package full of $90k worth of euros stacked inside. Talk about an awesome freak accident, considering the teenager only spent about $195 on the auction.

But like all things good, a problem arose. In this case, it was the kid’s parents. They contacted police (bummer) and handed over the money so that its rightful owner could be had. If no one claims the cash by September 22nd, the kid gets it back provided the police aren’t jerks. Wonder if he’ll buy a PS3 with the cash…

Teen Buys PS2 on eBay, Receives Whole Heap of Cash Instead [The Giz]