Greetings and whatnot from the land of milk and komments. Here are some funny sounding-offs from recent posts.

John offers his take on the idea of hand gestures replacing your remote control…

Great. I pump my fist because my team scores a TD and it shuts off. Joy.

John, you’re crazy man. Keep on keeping on. Become a Vikings fan and your TV will stay on all season. Hay-oh!

Johnal makes a return appearance and chimes in about a post tagged bikini, babes, breasts, Video…

Youtube is blocked in our offices at work. Now that I am home, not only do I understand the tags associated with this article, but the article itself makes so much more sense.

Yes, but how did your boss feel about you rushing home 15 minutes after you got to work? Hay-oh!

And finally, MStewie‘s comment is a real thinker…

O ok so if a service tha your usingm goes down then its a tottal traghidy… what about when they discontinued Beta tappes, I though that was stupid as hell. Or when they stoppped making 5 1/4 floppy disks? wha AM I gonna do now? all my stuff was on there ansd they dont evn make drives for those! Talk about fuced. O BTW, it’s spelled “Oh Haaaale Naiw!”

Thanks for the spelling tip. Maybe try slamming your entire fist down on the keyboard next time. Huiy-oasdh!

Great comments, everyone. Keep ’em coming!