The iPhone is Like a Big Chocolate Milkshake and a Hug From Mom

[rant]I think this video from Senor Scoble explains essentially what Apple products are about: emotion. As you watch this nice lady from XEODesign talk about emotion in iPhone gaming, you kind of understand why PCs don’t have the same rabid fan base as Macs. As I said back during the Vista launch, everything is there but PCs and, in some ways, smartphones, have been consistently described as “business tools” rather than devices that you want to take home and sleep with. Sure, it’s kind of hippy dippy and no, Mac users won’t shut up about how great their stupid laptops are, but you have to admit that even though the Nokia N95 can beat you at chess it doesn’t mean it’s got the “I wuv you” factor.[/rant]

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