E-mail is Dead to Kids, Use Social Networks Instead


Kids don’t use e-mail to communicate with each other. Not socially, at least. See, kids today are all about the Facebook (so are we) and the MySpace when they need to send longish messages to each other. If they’re just sending short messages—”where u at, dawg?” and the like—they’ll TXT each other. IM, it sees, is also on the way out as far as kids are concerned. I feel so young!

So is e-mail dead? No, not yet. Now it’s mainly the realm of old people like John and Josh, spending their days reminiscing about Disco and pet rocks. Kids still use e-mail to talk business, but as a communincation tool amongst themselves, social networks and TXT messages are the bees knees now.

Did I mention we have a Facebook group? It’s really cool.

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