Ministry of Sound Plots MVNO Launch

ministry.jpgIf you’re hitting the U.K. dance clubs until the sun comes up, then the best way to reach you might be on a Ministry of Sound branded phone. And this could be in the cards, as the popular U.K. based independent record label and dance club brands considers becoming a mobile virtual network operator. Fans of the electronica music brand will have the option to make calls, send text messages and browse the mobile Internet on a Ministry of Sound-branded network.

This is still pending approval, but if launched would be a rival to the Virgin Mobile network, and no doubt appeal to the same young club-going hipsters. And while it won’t launch until at least the end of the year, at the earliest, dance music fans can still get their Ministry fix on the O2 Active portal. Plus the Ministry brand, which already extends to clothing and other products, will likely expand to other mobile operators as well. With such ambitions, the Ministry of Sound sounds about as ambitious as a real secret government ministry.

[Via NMA]