New 3CCD, Hi-Def JVC Everio Coming in September


Fans of the hard drive-based JVC Everio line will be pleased to hear that a new three-chip, HD version will be available in early September.

The GZ-HD3 will feature 1440×1080 HD recording, three, 16:9 progressive-scan CCDs, a 60GB hard drive, and will weigh a pound and a half. Recording is 1080i only, unfortunately, but should still be plenty good for everyday use.

I have an Everio camcorder and like it a lot. Recording to a hard drive is a lot more convenient (and less expensive) than buying tapes and being able to transfer the footage directly to a computer within a matter of minutes is a huge plus. Aside from that, the battery life is pretty good and it’s small enough to take just about anywhere.

The GZ-HD3 will be available in early September for around $1,300.

JVC Announces New 3CCD High Definition Hard Disk Drive Camcorder [JVC Press Release]