XtremeMac's New iPhone Cases Are, In Fact, Cases


Owners of the iPhone will inevitably want to keep their prized possession looking as fresh and new as the day they bought it, but we all have different tastes so XtremeMac has released the Onyx, SportWrap and TuffWrap to satisfy them.

The Onyx is built for the professional with fine black leather and white stitching and an integrated belt clip to show everyone in the board room you’re a tool the boss. The TuffWrap offers both durability and style in a two-tone silicone condom for your iPhone. And the gym rats will love the neoprene armband SportWrap, so they can flex their bi’s and tri’s at the gym for the ladies.

The Onyx and SportWrap are available for pre-order for $29.95. The TuffWrap is also available for pre-order for only $19.95. Expect to see all three in stores by August.