Launching AskEraser Utility

As far as search goes, most of us probably use Google. Though lately, may have captured a few Googlers thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign based around “the algorithm”. Now, in an effort to retain those new users and stay alive in the search-engine market, Ask is offering AskEraser. This new utility will allow searchers to remove their search results from Ask’s databases so that searches can’t be traced back to your IP.

This is a great feature for someone on a public computer, work computer, or a privacy nut. Otherwise, it’s nothing special. Ask has also stated that it will drop its data-retention policy down to 18 months, just like Google does. All these features still don’t mean you get to surf anonymously. The big problem is that Ask doesn’t delete your records instantly. It takes a few weeks to get the job done. Could AskEraser be a big boost for the company? Sure, but it’s not the answer to defeating Google. To Launch AskEraser To Erase Search History & New Data Retention Policy [SEL]