Class Action Suit Against Microsoft Alleges XBox 360 Skwatches Disks, Makes Baby Saaad!

InformationWeek is reporting that two California residents, Christine Moskowitz and Dan Wood, are seeking over $5 million in damages for XBox 360 owners. They allege that the big bad game machines scratch expensive disks and that the 360 was manufactured incorrectly.

Moskowitz purchased an XBox and Gears of War and a few other titles for her son. After a few months of careful play in a clean room deep within the bowels of her mountain lair, the disks became scratched with a circular pattern and did not work. Her son, who usually wore a “bunny suit” and exfoliated his body before entering the “game play zone” was understandably upset because he and his family took all possible precautions to ensure that nothing alien reached the delicate innards of the disk drive or XBox itself. Precautions included killing the family dog, shaving their heads, and not eating in the house for months, leading to Moskowitz’s near starvation.

Microsoft admitted to the “red ring of death” problem, but refused to admit that they inserted small plastic caltrops inside the machines to destroy disks and rend the hearts of young boys who just wanted to play a game.

Microsoft Hit With A Second Xbox 360 Class Action Suit [InformationWeek]