6G iPod UI Revealed? NOT!

Did that look like the UI for the 6G iPod? It looks real enough doesn’t it? Apple did unleash its pack of rabid lawyers on MacRumors who pulled down the original video, so that would make one think it’s the real deal. The video makes it very clear that the UI is click-wheel based and that would be huge a disappointment and Apple fans will surely revolt. Does anyone really care that the ‘World Clock’ now shows you an actual clock with the world map in the background? I didn’t think so.

CrunchGear has it from a trusted source that the next generation iPod will have a widescreen touch screen. The general consensus seems to be that the 6G iPod will take after the iPhone minus the phone. Maybe, just maybe, Apple has it in their collective heads that a widescreen touchscreen iPod would cannabalize iPhone sales, but that’s just crazy talk. This video seems like a fake and/or old version of what the UI could have been.

Dapreview [via MacRumors]