The Facebook "Bug." Not Really.

Only heavy Facebook users will be interested in this post.

Lots of bloggers are complaining about the fact that Facebook has removed the “skip this step” option when asked for how you know a person while accepting them as a new friend. The “bug” appeared over the weekend.

First of all, it probably is a bug and will be fixed, but there is an easy way to sidestep it. Just hit “Cancel” and it has the exact same effect as hitting “skip this step” used to have. You don’t have to figure out the right way to say how you know the person from the very limited options. Just hit cancel. Trust me, when you go to your profile the person has been added as a friend.

What everyone seems to have missed here though is the fact that late last week Facebook removed the whole page redirect every time you add a friend and replaced it with the pop-up box. Not a big deal for most people, but I tend to add a lot of friends (I have over 1,200), and the few seconds it took to confirm each one with multiple page refreshes was a huge pain. Now the whole process is down to a second. Huge productivity gains, and Facebook sacrificed page views to give us this feature. Golf clap for Facebook.

Update: bug is gone. skip this step is back. everyone chill.