Living in the 80’s!

timelapse.jpgDid you love the skinny ties, new wave music and the era of Ronald Reagan? If so then you might enjoy the Bodacious 80’s Challenge, a new trivia game that will come out in August from Time Lapse Mobile for major North American carriers including Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular and Bell Mobility. The game features more than 1,500 questions and images from the 1980’s from more than 100 topic categories, with more than 25 hours of gameplay.

This mobile game will feature a unique built-in prize system, where Bodacious 80’s Challenge will let players earn 80’s themed wallpapers and ring tones. Winners can preview earned prizes and download their selections from a prize zone area.

A retro audio mode offers top Billboard hits from the 80s including music by Billy Ocean, Tony Basil and Huey Lewis. This sounds like one bitchin’ game!

[Via Wireless Gaming World]