Rock Band Bundle Costs $200: Amazon

Anyone who doesn’t like Def Leppard can bite me, no disrespect

I like Guitar Hero as much as the next guy (though I heard that Rock the 80s is a bit of a let down), but don’t think for a second that I’ll blindly buy Guitar Hero 3 just based on the name alone. Nope, I’ve got my eye on Rock Band, though if the price that Amazon has listed—$200 for the game, drums, microphone and guitar—turns out to be true, I may have to start saving up now.

I’ve seen some video of the game in action, but I don’t know if pretending to be Sammy Hagar while Vince plays David Lee Roth is really worth that much. Sure, these prices are nothing more than placeholders, but you can expect the game to retail for right around the $200 mark when it comes out in time for the holiday rush. Who knows, maybe we’ll post videos of us acting like total zeros while playing the game for you all to enjoy.

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