Sprint Nextel in Last Place in Call Center Satisfaction

sprint2.jpgThe motto in the logo may say “Sprint Ahead,” but not so fast there. Because as a former Sprint subscriber this news comes as no surprise, Sprint Nextel came in last place in call center satisfaction in a survey published by Vocal Laboratories. This 15th quarterly SectorPulse study on the quality of customer service among America’s largest wireless carriers had Verizon in the top spot with an “A” in caller satisfaction and a “B” for call completion, meaning how many callers were able to get complete a call.

T-Mobile was in second place with “B’s” in both categories, while AT&T/Cingular scored a “C” for caller satisfaction and “B” for completion. Sprint’s customers sounded like Mick Jagger, as in “can’t get no satisfaction,” scoring a “D” in both categories.

[Via Cellular News]