Vista Disappoints PC Industry, Me

vista.jpgPhoto “enhancement” courtesy of Peter Ha.

Big ups to Acer head-honcho Gianfranco Lanci for addressing the elephant in the room known as Windows Vista. No ups to me for using the phrase “big ups.”

Lanci has pointed to system instability, sluggish speeds, and the fact that many people are still asking for XP to be loaded on their machines as the major reasons that “the whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista.”

I recently purchased an HP Pavilion s3120n with Windows Vista Premium and, after about 15 minutes, felt disappointed too. That’s the perfect word for it. I wasn’t mad…just disappointed. Like how my parents felt after I accidentally burned down our house playing with a lighter that Mike Rumpza sold me in junior high.

Windows XP had two major service packs before people finally started to pipe down. Hopefully more and more of these kinks will be worked out as the Vista operating system gets updated over time.

Exklusiv Acer attackiert Microsoft [via PC World]