AT&T Announces Backup Software, Laughs Maniacally


AT&T is getting set to launch a piece of software called Mobile Backup, which will provide its customers the ability to back up their phone’s contact information in the case that they wish to switch to a new or different phone.

Not a different phone on a different network, mind you. That would be too useful to all the cellphone users the world over. The service will cost $1.99 per month, which is exactly $1.99 per month more than it should cost, and will be available on only six Motorola handsets at first.

Sorry to editorialize but this service should be available on all phones and all networks and it should be cross-network compatible. Open letter to the cellphone industry: Quit gouging us with features that should come standard on all cellphone plans. Signed, Everybody.

AT&T’s Got Your Back with Mobile Backup [Press Release]