Samsung's Upcoming 3rd Generation HD Lineup


Samsung has announced three new 3rd generation hi-def players (two of which we reported on earlier), including one that plays both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs known as the BD-UP5000 Duo HD.

All three will support up to 1080p and 24Fs/60Fs modes, Dolby Digital Plus audio, and will include HDMI inputs and outputs along with a bevy of other connections.

We can also look forward to a new home theater system called the HT-BD2, which will have a 7.1 channel receiver and speaker system electrified by 1100 watts of juice.

The BD-UP5000 and the HT-BD2 will be available sometime in Q4 for $1049 and $1499, respectively, and the BD-P1400 and BD-P2400 Blu-ray players will come out in September for $549 and October for $649, repectively.

Samsung Press Release (Word Document)