Alesis iMultiMix 9R Sound Mixer + iPod Dock


This iMultiMix 9R, cousin to this other iMultiMix, is more for professionals than us jerks here, but it’s still neat to look at. It’s more or less a sound mixer with an iPod dock tacked on for the convenience of the artists. It’s got a whole bunch of features that I’ve never heard of (not being a professional mixer, you see) like 48V phantom power and auxiliary sends and returns. She’s designed to be small enough to lug to various venues, like clubs and John’s basement dance studio, aka “Whiskey Breath.”

She’ll be out by the end of the year for $400.

Why do I keep referring to gadgets as “she”? And why is the picture so darn small?

Alesis intros iMultiMix 9R iPod mixer [iLounge]