J'accuse! Guys Who Say Facebook Stole Their Ideas Have Two Weeks To Prove It


We regularly use Facebook to whore ourselves out to y’all (we’re currently using it to plan our big birthday bash—we need ideas, people!), but it looks like some people don’t want us to have any fun. For the past three years, Facebook founder Mark “Mad Money” Zuckerberg has faced allegations from former fellow Harvard students that he stole their ideas for a Web site, then turned around and launched Facebook. Money Bags denies the allegations, as does one of his high priced lawyers, saying “Dorm room chitchat does not make a contract, so I want to see it.”

In a nutshell, a judge gave the accusers two weeks to come up with the good, or the case will be thrown out. In the meantime, we’ll continue to flaunt “the goods” on CrunchGear Readers.

Judge sets deadline in Facebook fraud lawsuit [Reuters]