Make Cakes in Your Computer! EZ-Bake Drive


Geeks like to eat sweets. Don’t believe me? Go find a geek, you’ll find junk food. But homemade cake is better than store bought cake. And homemade cake from your favorite computer is the best of all.

Most Peecee desktops have at least one 5 1/4-inch drive slot that sits idle. Fill it up with this EZ-Bake Oven and you can make little tarts while you frag jerks.

It’s powered internally off your computer’s internal circuits, but it’s more than just a slot and a lightbulb. The baking drive includes open source baking software that automatically detects when your project is done. That is so awesome.

And it’s only $30. Buy one for your favorite geek’s birthday, ok?

(PS we know it’s fake, shuddup.)

PC EZ-Bake Oven [Think Geek, thanks Sara!]