Oxygen Targets Women Gamers For Mobile

oh.jpgThere remains a common misconception that video games are just something guys like, but LimeLife and other companies have proven that theory wrong. And now Oxygen, the cable channel for women, is making the leap to interactive-gaming. Among the first titles is a game based its hit series Bad Girls Club, which is being developed in conjunction with Artificial Life, will available in late August through downloads via the Oxygen Web site for $3.99.

“Gaming is so huge with women, and Oxygen has been looking at how to break into this arena,” said Oxygen senior vice president Cynthia Ashworth. “This game presents the perfect opportunity to take our most popular television series to a new level by creating a mobile game that is on brand with the show and also connects with our young, tech-savvy female audience. This is only the beginning for Oxygen in the gaming arena.”

[Via Broadcast NewsRoom]