Shoe Pure 100 Looks Like An Dinosaur Egg

I’m not gonna lie. I have over 20 pairs of shoes and about 7 of them really smell bad. Some worse than others, it’s all my fault. During those hot summer days when I’m half-drunk, I throw on shoes without socks and 5 hours later it smells like rotting cheese. If I had the Shoe Pure 100 though, my shoes would smell like roses the next day.

The egg-shaped device glows a beautiful ambient blue when in use and is a great decorative item as well. It works by drying your shoes with warm air and disinfects them as well. After all, that nasty smell is caused by bacteria. Easy to use, the device only needs 30 minutes to turn your kicks fresh. Runs about $68 and is available in Japan.

Shoe Pure 100 – a glowing egg shaped shoe dehydrator from Japan [New Launches]