Welcome to TBKE, short but sweet edition. Today’s post contains quick little quips that say a lot without saying a lot. There’s an old proverb that goes a little something like this: The fool speaks, the wise man listens, and the kommenter speaks succinctly with swift keystrokes, which makes people foolish and wise listen with their eyes. Something like that. I wasn’t really listening when I heard the proverb for the first time.

Anyhoo, here are three great comments.

Rliebsch says, on the subject of Verizon and Amp’d…

“Google is not my bitch today, but I know the articles are there.”

I can feel the articles’ presence too, my friend. It’s a comforting feeling, no?

Andrew says…

“Wow! That was… so awesomely… shit.”

Sir, your words make me feel warm and calm. Thank you.

Mr. Belding gets on the loudspeaker to tell the students of Bayside…

“Ahhhh angry Josh. I like angry Josh.”

We all like angry Josh, Mr. Belding. Slater, on the other hand, is turning out to be quite a knob-job.

And now for a special bonus! I present you with a plethora of comments from Matt’s “Fivefingers of Suck” post…


“Nothing is worse than a sober Lohan. Trust me.”

Jordan Lund

“Don’t get me wrong, anyone using these to walk around Starbucks would be a grade-A asshat… but I could see them working in an outdoor environment.”

Brett Legree

“Actually, I bought a pair for barefoot running and they are great… never criticize something before you try it…

PS if you want to try your luck at punching me in the head, let me know and I’ll tell you where I live… :) you might change your mind when you meet me”


“Jesus – I thought toe SOCKS were bad. I tried a pair on once and reflexively punched my salesperson in the throat.”

Good stuff, everybody. Keep it up!