The $1200 Widescreen Wireless Photo Frame

photovuIf you had $1200, what would you do with it? Pay rent? Put it in savings? Eat a sloppy, delicious breakfast at McDonald’s every day for an entire year?

You could do any one of those boring, stupid things OR you could buy a 19-inch widescreen digital photo frame.

The PhotoVu PV1965w “is the industry’s first high-resolution, widescreen digital picture frame. [It’s] wireless, Internet-connected, and integrates with leading photo sharing web sites using RSS.”

It automatically sizes photos to 1440 x 900 and includes an 802.11b connection that can be upgraded (!) to 802.11g if you’ve got any money left over.

I’m in the wrong business.

PhotoVu PV1965w Wireless Digital Picture Frame