Working At Rockstar Makes You One Cool Dude

NOT! But it’s always fun to see the inner-workings of all your favorite companies. Jeff, who used to work for Rockstar Games, recently posted a gigantic manifesto on his time spent working for the company. It’s a great read full of interesting tidbits, though some of the stuff is predictable. Here’s a snarky excerpt:

Working there also really did buy the rock star treatment in certain circles. Gamers are geeks, and Rockstar is definitely the hippest and most “street” of all gaming companies, so any gamer who knows you work there is going to treat you like a God. We’d walk around in our Rockstar jackets through game stores as if we were some kind of uniformed gang straight out of The Warriors. People actually recognized us and cleared a path.

Damn bro! You’re the man! 16-year-olds and men with who have never had sex before actually cleared a path for you? Allow me to write your name into my daily book of worship. I won’t keep spoiling the story for you. Read it up and enjoy.
Life During Wartime: Working at Rockstar Games [Badass Cat]