EA Eats Crow, Says It Miscalculated Wii Popularity


Yes, it’s always been fashionable to bash Electronic Arts, even before the whole “EA Spouse” thing rocked the Internet a few summers ago. But you need to respect a company when it admits to its mistakes, as EA did at its investors meeting yesterday. Its CEO said the company backed the “wrong horse” when it allocated most of its resources to support the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and not the Wii. Who knew the Wii would take off like it has?

So yesterday, EA was all, “Oops. Our bad. Still friends?”

The CEO did try to save Wii face, though, by saying that it has the second highest share of Wii booty, second to Nintendo. Thank Tiger Woods for that.

I assume I’m not the only one happy to see EA admit to its mistakes, right? Again, not to say “lol u sux,” but more to see a company taking responsibility for screwing up. I wish other companies (or the government) would do the same.

EA: Wii Caught Us Flat-Footed [Next Gen]