Senators Propose Internet Filtering Legislation

kidmedia200504.jpgDaniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Ted “The Tube” Stevens (R-Alaska) have proposed a bipartisan bill to add Internet filtering and monitoring to the… ummm… Internet? While the plan is all but impossible, their goal is simple: to think of the children. To that end, Msrs. Stevens and Inouye will each stand at one end of the Internet tube and keep bad stuff from going in and coming out.

Given the increasingly important role of the Internet in education and commerce, it differs from other media like TV and cable because parents cannot prevent their children from using the Internet altogether,” Sen. Stevens said. “The headlines continue to tell us of children who are victimized online. While the issues are difficult, I believe Congress has an important role to play to ensure that the protections available in other parts of our society find their way to the Internet.”

Let’s reread that first sentence: “Parents cannot prevent their children from using the Internet altogether.” Listen, Ted and Dan: if I can prevent my 18-month-old from watching Teletubbies when he should be eating, I can damn well keep the little shaver out of Vince’s stash of on-line granny porn. Linux, a good filtering service, and maybe some parental/teacher supervision can prevent almost all porn pop-up, pop-under, and flop-outs on any computer. If Mom and Dad can’t supervise junior on the PC the same way the supervise him in front of the TV then Mom and Dad deserve hot man/goat action.

Isn’t there a war on?

US Senators call for universal Internet filtering [PressEsc]