It’s TBKE for this super Saturday, the 28th of July. Let’s get the ball rolling with a comment about the comments contained within the previous comments post…

Amit says:

“To comment on comments begets a commentary, doesn’t it?”

It does, I think. Kind of like staring into a TV that’s hooked up to a camera that’s filming the TV. As Joey Lawrence would say, “Whoa!” But I digress. I best begetting on to the next comment.

On the subject of sucky headphones, Mr. Crash writes:

“Massive props for not only informing me how shit something is but also mentioning a squirrel having sex with a retarded cat… Making this website up to two references to bestiality and one of threatening children with a product of the ass of thor.”

From here on out, all “Ass of Thor” threats are to be colored red and may be used interchangeably with other threat-level warning systems. It’s easy to remember that way. If I went to the airport and saw an “Ass of Thor” threat level I would turn around and go straight home, chuckling but petrified.

And finally, Oli 4000 chimes in on the BSOD tattoo:

“The titel [sic] of this post is incorrect: it’s the ‘Skin-toned Screen of Death’. Or does it turn blue when the guy has an internal failure himself?.”

Better to turn blue — at least the guy would have a fighting chance. Had this been a “force kill” tattoo, he might not be so lucky.

Thanks for the great comments everyone. Keep ’em coming!