iHome iH82: The iHome Speaker Dock You Know And Love, Now With Two Speakers


Companies have yet to perfect the iPod speaker dock. That, or people keep buying the damn things, year after year, minor revision after minor revision. Either way, iHome’s iH82 can be thought of as nothing more than an iH80, itself just a speaker with a hole on top to plug your iPod, with an additional speaker. Yes, iHome has lost its mind and now has its flagship iPod speaker dock rocking two speakers. Madness.


Other than the additional speaker, what can you expect when you plop down $unknown (the price is unknown, but the iH80 retails for $100 or so now)? Let’s see here… there’s a remote control… a couple of buttons… tons of fun.

She’s compatible with iPods 4G+ and can run on either batteries—eight Cs, to be exact—or plugged into the wall.

For people with proper stereo systems or even a halfway decent set of computer speakers (I use these), you do know that a cable costs, like, $1, right? It’s not like these iH82s look all too portable…

iHome iH82 OutLoud Portable Speaker System for iPod [iLounge]